Bad Mum 2B

Bad Mum 2B

Friday, 3 March 2017

So I am a Mum To Be...

So I am a mum to be...

Well sort of, hopefully soon anyway. I ventured into the land of baby making about two months ago and boy does it seem like longer than that! Now I tried the cool, calm, collected approach for about one whole week, probably less but whose counting... oh wait, that's right, I am because of this whole ovulation thing! This is what I am talking about. I didn't realise the science behind ovulation. I just thought I had to carry on like I had always done so, minus birth control. Your probably reading this laughing out loud, yes I was quite naive in that aspect. I am twenty three which is quite young considering majority of my friends haven't even entered any sort of realm relating to family life or pregnancy. However, my partner has a six year old so I was chucked straight in there. Plus being a preschool teacher definitely helps. 

So let's get back to this whole trying to get pregnant thing. I decided after the first month to create an Instagram account and blog in order to reach out to those around me who were experiencing or have experienced what I am going through right now. It has served as an outlet in a way, as at that time no one knew we were trying; now only a few close friends do. A lovely lady on instagram suggested I try an ovulation kit. Seriously best woman ever, she is my ovulation fairy godmother! It has really helped me understand my body and I have realised that my body ovulates  earlier than my ovulation calendar on my phone suggested. (dumb ass app, even though I know every one ovulates at different times, I still blame the app) I have really been listening to my body these last few weeks and noticing signs that I had not even paid attention to before. Things such as cramping, my mood and of course, the one we all love, vaginal discharge. If you didn't know already, vaginal discharge is a massive indicator of a few different things including ovulation. If your one of those people who doesn't openly talk about that sort of stuff (clearly not me as I'm yapping on about my own vaginal discharge to a bunch of people I don't even know) you better get used to it, it's only going to get worse! 

 What I learned from using the ovulation test is that it is super helpful and enables you to identify the start, and ending of ovulation aka "your fertile window". However, I am going to give you warning now. It is all sunshine and rainbows when you pin point this magical window, (I was fucking stoked and had a mini party with myself in the bathroom waving the bloody urine stick around whilst doing amazing dance moves) however you still need to remember to not treat your partner as if he is a sperm donor. Yes of course you should have sex in the next day or two, but trust me ladies, I tried jumping on him after he knew I'd been in the bathroom and taken that test. He just laughed at me. Although he wants to know when I ovulate and we want to get pregnant, it is something that needs to happen on its own. And trust me it will. 

I've decided to take a deep breath in and out, relax and remember to enjoy the right now. I am still thinking about my future as is my partner, if you see my Instagram I love looking at nursery designs and bubba clothes. (Judge me all you want, I can't help myself) But despite all that, it has made things a lot more natural again rather than just having sex to make a baby, which in reality is just not that sexy. So enjoy your pre-baby time with your partner and have fun with it. You won't have alone time as soon as that baby comes along. That's the best advice I can give thus far into my journey which I am still at the beginning of. I've already face planted once or twice, but I am moving in the right direction with my partner and that's all that really matters in the end. Nature will run its course. I just hope nature is running rather than slow jogging, which is how it feels each month! Am I right? Positive vibes to you... and your next pregnancy test. 

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