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Bad Mum 2B

Monday, 21 January 2019

Sleeping Made Simple for New Parents

Sleeping Made Simple for New Parents - A sleep expert breaks down how to get better sleep for you and your child

To a new parent sleep may seem like a thing of the past but with The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well, you don’t have to sacrifice your sleep for caring for your child. Leading expert on sleep and its disorders, Dr Chris Idzikowski, provides the answers to many new parents’ sleeping conundrums in this interesting and useful guide. Readers will find detailed sections about why expectant mothers have trouble sleeping, an Essential Survival Guide for new parents who are adjusting to the baby’s sleep schedule and an explanation of how your own sleep-needs differ from the baby’s.

The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well walks through how to maximise sleep during The Baby Years, The Toddler Years, and The Teenager Years. Whilst also providing information on childhood sleep disorders and answering common questions, such as: Should your new baby sleep the same room as you? Is it normal to have vivid dreams during pregnancy? What can you do to balance work, sleep and caring for your new-born? 

This book is full of facts to not only help you understand sleeping but how to better utilise your environment to increase the time and quality of your sleep. Providing simple steps such as setting up pre-sleep routine for both yourself and your child and not turning the light on when your child cries at night, should help you conquer those post-natal nights.

Some research suggests that lack of sleep can contribute to post-natal depression. So, it is very important to do what you can to become an expert in sleeping well to boost your own health and well-being. 

The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well by Dr. Chris Idzikowski is out on 21st March 2019 in paperback for £9.99. You can buy it here

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