Bad Mum 2B

Bad Mum 2B

Friday, 2 March 2018

Your pregnancy workout - the second instalment

Hi all,

I hope you enjoyed your first pregnancy workout!

I’m back with your second instalment! 

Don’t forget to warm up. A brisk 10 minute walk around the block or a gentle jog if you’ve always run will be fine. 

If you are trying to avoid the snow and cold then a march on the spot in the warm, lifting the knees high and pumping the arms will get your heart beating and your blood flowing. March for approx 5 minutes - or until you feel you are warm. 

Remember to have plenty of water to hand, and ensure throughout the workout you can hold a conversation. If you can't stop and take a breather.

As before, I've provided two different levels for this workout. Beginner, for those who are new to exercise or haven't exercised in over a year. Or advanced, for those who use the gym regularly, run weekly and have the exercise bug!

Here goes! Good luck! 

Feet hip width apart. Knees forward. Hands on the temples. Engage your core. Keeping your head and chest lifted, and your back straight, lower yourself down into a "seated" position, then return to standing. This exercise can be done using a dining chair or your sofa! 

Beginner: 3 x 12 
Advanced: 3 x 20 

Ski sit
Drop down into a squat position and hold it! Your head and chest should be lifted, shoulders back, back straight, and core engaged. You can sit against the wall if it's easier!

Beginner: 3 x 30 seconds
Advanced: 3 x 45 seconds 

Press ups
Kneeling, hands shoulder width apart, core engaged. Drop your chest to the floor, elbows out to the side, and return to starting position. Make sure your press ups are an "up and down" movement rather than rocking forwards and back.

Beginner: 3 x 12 
Advanced: 3 x 16 

Shoulder press 
Grab 2 objects! Anything you can get your hands on in the house which will add a little resistance to this exercise. Two tins of soup/baked beans will do the job nicely! 

Stand with feet hip width apart. Holding onto your objects bring them up to shoulder height, palms facing forward. Engage your core, keep your head and chest lifted, and pull your shoulders back. Slowly press the tins straight above your head. When you get to the top, keep a slight bend in the elbow and then lower back down. Repeat.

Beginners: 3 x 12 
Advanced: 3 x 15

Don’t put the tins away just yet!! Last but not least....

Bicep curl 
Standing with feet hip width apart, hold onto both objects, arms straight, resting on your thighs to begin with. Slowly curl the objects up to your chest, keeping your elbows tucked in to your sides, core engaged. Then slowly drop back to your thighs and repeat.

Beginners: 3 x 15
Advanced: 3 x 20

Ensure you take a 30 second rest in between each set.

Once you have completed the full 3 sets of the exercise take a 45 second to 1 minute break before moving on to the next.

For those who are advanced, a ten minute brisk walk after the above will be a great way to finish - make sure you wrap up warm!

Whatever ability, ensure you finish with some gentle stretches.

Good luck and enjoy!! Have a nose at my NEW Instagram page @hollsthomsonpt and give me a follow while you’re there! Have any questions? Feel free to contact me through my page!

Holls x 


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