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Bad Mum 2B

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Over half of women in the UK suffer in silence when trying for a baby

Over half of women in the UK suffer in silence when trying for a baby

Survey results released from Ava Women reveal most women don’t talk to friends or family about trying for a baby

·       A third of women trying to conceive would not talk to their friends about trying for a baby
·       Women suffer in silence due to societal pressures around job security or exclusion from their social circle
·       Over half say they find the process of getting pregnant daunting
·       Two thirds of women do not know how long their fertile window is within their cycle

Babies are on the nation’s brains at the moment with the news of the next royal baby: however, 1 in 7 couples* struggle with issues when it comes to trying for a baby and a new study out today by Ava Women suggests women are suffering in silence. A third of women would not speak to their friends about trying for a baby with 58% not even speaking to their own mother about it, leaving many to suffer in silence.

According to the study by Ava Women, a fertility tracker, women keep the fact they are trying for a baby to themselves due to the never-ending pressures that surround them from society. Women are constantly worried that if they reveal they are trying for a baby they will be shunned by their friends and left out from social plans (5%) or frozen out at work and left without a job (7%). Other women feel like they will be judged for being too young (6%) or their friends will compare them to their own experiences (12%). With over half (52%) of women finding trying for a baby a daunting experience Ava wants to encourage women to start the conversation about trying for a baby with friends and family and break the taboo.

Rather than confide in others, it seems increasing numbers of women are turning to technology when it comes to getting pregnant, with over a quarter of women (27%) turning to apps and other technology aids. 10% of women fork out over £300 in the first 4 – 6 months in order to increase their chances of falling pregnant and help them understand their cycle better. Many women (43%) still go for the old-fashioned myth that having more sex increases your chances of getting pregnant despite women only being able to conceive during a certain window per cycle. Two thirds of women also admit to not knowing how long they are fertile for in any given menstrual cycle.

Dr Sara Kayat, an NHS GP comments: “Trying for a baby can be a daunting and frustrating experience for women but having a true reading of your cycle can help women understand their menstrual cycle accurately and know exactly when they are ovulating through the nine different physiological parameters that the Ava Bracelet measures. It is surprising how many women out there have no idea about their menstrual cycle and this can seriously impact how long it takes couples to fall pregnant. We want to encourage women to talk about their experience and offer each other advice so they don’t have to suffer in silence.”

Lea von Bidder, President Ava Science, comments: “We want to help women understand their bodies and their menstrual cycle. We don’t need to suffer in silence and by talking about trying for a baby we can all help each other. Technological advances are another way to help women along their journey to getting pregnant and the Ava Bracelet is the only product on the market that detects nine physiological parameters affording women unprecedented insight into their cycle and fertile window.

“Ava is also an ecosystem for women and encourages conversation through the Ava social communities. We want to encourage women to start to ‘talk about trying’.”

For more information on the ovulation-tracking bracelet, Ava Women, please visit

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